7 Favorite Web Design Trends of 2016

6 web design trends of 2016

We all want to stay abreast of the latest web design trends and stay ahead of the pack. As a Knoxville web design company owner, it’s tough to know which trends will stick and which will quickly fall to the wayside. It’s a good idea to look at the competition and see what they are doing, so you can do it better, or in a different way. Let’s take a look at my 7 favorite web design trends of 2016 and why they are so popular.

1. Video & GIFs.

You’ve most likely discovered all those cool sites with video backgrounds. Given, the majority of them take a very long time to load, however that will alter when individuals comprehend they need to compress the video as much as possible. What’s more crucial is that video will change images in great deals of locations, aside from site backgrounds. Vine and Snapchat have actually gotten us into the practice of looking at brief video loops.

2. Modular Design

No one likes to check out a terribly long blurb of text. The very first technique to breakdown long texts on the web was to attempt to compose in brief paragraphs. Later on, design came to the rescue and provided a modular method to web page design. Modular design is a strategy where everything is developed utilizing a block grid pattern. This does not indicate an uninteresting pattern, like a chessboard. It can indicate precisely the reverse: tough to expect patterns, that make it simple for us to check out and be interested in the various parts of a site/ pamphlet/ book, and so on.

3. Infinite and modular scrolling

Exactly what is the most recent move in the entire modular pattern? Modular scrolling. Implying every module on a site might scroll by itself, separately from the other modules. Does that sound too made complex to deal with? It actually isn’t. You might have currently seen it in websites with a sidebar that does not scroll at the same speed as the rest of the site.

4. Visual Storytelling

You’ve been hearing marketing experts occasionally discuss storytelling as the next huge thing.
Did you ever hear the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Then you understand why visuals will work much better than simply text to make your story feel alive and real.
Did you know:

  • 100 million individuals around the world watch a minimum of one video each day.
  • Site visitors are 64 % most likely making a purchase after viewing a video.
  • 80 % of audiences remember enjoying a video advertisement approximately 30 days after seeing it.
  • 92 % of those seeing video on mobile phones share the material with others.

5. Infographics

One of the best methods to communicate stories or facts is with an infographic. There’s a reason infographics have actually been a hot pattern on practically any digital marketing channel: social networks, SEO, internet marketing … Everyone enjoys a great infographic, and above all, they enjoy the outcomes. Infographics are shared 3 more times than other piece of visual material.

6. Smart menus

Some individuals hate the Hamburger Menu or navicon. Hidden nav menus that appear from nowhere upon clicking or tapping will quickly be the standard. Once again, the vital idea here is that users should not be sidetracked from exactly what’s truly important.

Web Design Trends: Conclusion

What is your favorite web design trend of 2016? Simple navigation menus make sites less cluttered, so you can focus on what you need.